The Mother Media

Media bias has always been brought to the table. It is not a secret that media is a dominant authority in America that might be superior to the congress. The question is “Does media really have such great impact on politics or is it that politicians violate media professional ethics for their sole benefits?”. What do politicians pay in return? What’s the whole game about?
Media support is such a weapon any candidate can use against his opponent to guarantee the political position he’s been chasing for a long time. Who but Media reporters can do the job? Actually it is really sad how media teach lies when it comes to TV campaigns and interviews. Nearly everything is fake; the voters and supporters are picked meticulously to give a definite impressive image. Also the questions are picked very carefully not reveal the weaknesses, that even criticizing questions will give more points to the candidate! Don’t even get my buddy started who owns Plumber Roswell about this topic…Candidates will usually pay much attention for how they address people rather than what they can really offer. Fake interviews, catchy TV ads, and childish yet convincing debates all will be on TV 24 hours. The target is to surround the voter. The more you see of me and my family the more you will like me. One more ugly trick is when a fake candidate is picked just to make the predecided president look more credible. Yes, it happens.

Sara Palin for Obama, Trump for Clinton and the media will do the rest. Tragic ugly truth!
However media denies it but the current bias to the Democratic Party is such a flaring example. Very important news network channels are seriously involved. Their flag shows give all the support to the democratic candidates. Also uneven donations will pour. By uneven I mean the Democratic Party will always receive the biggest share of donations provided by those channels. We are talking about big figures, which makes it even more vague. Not to mention that their employees and reporters showed their loyalty and support to the Democratic Party in all ways and in many situations. Media is not just TV channels. You will find many examples of media bias in newspapers, movies, and even novels!
Let’s take a living example. No, not Hillary! We do not even need to mention this especially when she already had enough from Trump..ha! We will talk about the Savior Obama instead. He was really portrayed as an angelic creature; religious, youthful, smart, not to mention using his African Islamic origins. Remember the light-hearted Obama next to Letterman? Remember seeing America’s future in him in “My name is Khan” movie. Obama was everywhere, all the time, and definitely sinless.
The only loser in this dirty game is media. People will get to know the truth anyway. Yet media will end up as a suspected neglected prostitute anyone will hate to engage with. Sorry if you find it offensive. Remember the days when the nursing career was a shameful one? We urgently need a new “Florence Nightingale” to set the media reform revolution!

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