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Media Bias:

The bias of journalists and news production people within the mass media in the selection of events or stories that are reported and how they are covering is called Media Bias. This term implies a perspective journalists or articles which are widespread bias contravening the standards of the journalism.

Each countries Media Bias is widely disputed. My friend’s mom who owns business phone service Orlando Fl knows first hand because she used to work for one of the major news media sources. The ownership of the news source, the concentration of media ownership, selecting staffs, preferences of the audience, and pressure from advertisers is the market forces which result in causing Media Bias.

Media Bias in the United States:

In the United States, it occurs when methodically highlighting one specific point of view in a way which breaks the values of professional journalism. Claims of News Media Bias in US include bias in liberal, conservative, mainstream, and corporate sectors.

There are also watchdog groups which attempt in finding the facts behind biased and unfounded claims of biased reporting. Research about Media Bias has now become a subject for systematic scholarship in many educational disciplines.

Media Bias over Democratic Politics:

In 1956, American National Election Study found out that 66% of Americans thought that newspapers were fair, including Republicans as 78% and Democrats as 64%. Later in 1964, Roper Organization asked a similar question regarding network news, and 71% thought network news was fair. 72% of Americans in 1972 pool were trusted CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite.

Since 1997, things have changed. Gallup Polls have shown most Americans don’t have confidence in the Mass Media to be fair and genuine. Again in 2008, the portion of Americans expressing confidence of press has risen to 45%. Later in 2011, 44% of those surveyed it had a great deal of trust in Mass Media.

In 2003, 59% majority reported about having confidence in Mass Media. Later as the years went by it started growing along with the trust of the audience, which seems to be questioned again now.

Currently, Wiki Leaks has leaked over 20,000 emails which state that Media is biased over Democratic politics. There are showing solid evidence that the media are doing it purposefully and they are supporting the democratic group. They also complain that they are very liberal towards the political groups which will be very hard when there is a lot of need for good journalists.

Starting from the Republican presidential debate, there are plenty of talk about Media Bias. Republican candidates have piled on the CNBC moderators about these questions.

Most of the major media sectors have responded with defenses, while some claim that there is no such thing as Media Bias, and just that the Republican candidates are upset about being questioned.

The Political analyst Pat Caddell is confident that the media will go into overdrive for protecting Hillary Clinton from the revelation about her campaign chairman John Podesta about his Russian Government Technology initiative and about failing to disclose the money on federal forms.

They are statements that the media bias is one sided towards the democratic politics, which is proven by the way how they didn’t care about telecasting any events by Trump and they are always eager for telecasting Hillary’s. Also, it is being said that they are giving free airtime for the democratic politicians. Media is also said to create a negative impact on the Republican group.






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