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Are Social Media Pages Necessary for Your Business?

It’s time for all businesses to think about using social media, but their considerations should be based on two situations. One, what kind of influence does social media have on businesses? Two, what kind of influence can businesses anticipate without social media? The bearing that social media has on business differs, but it’s been stated that almost 75% of small and medium-sized businesses have told a surge in traffic with the assistance of social media sites. Nonetheless, this isn’t a dependable statistic alone to assure one’s success on the usage of social media for businesses.

Many surveys have been done on the number of individuals who use social media sites and the way they can influence marketing strategies. First, research done by Coleman-Parker suggested that over 80% of US businesses felt the need to fabricate new ways to interact with their consumers, like social media and mobile marketing. Now, it is obvious that social media has inserted itself into the routine of people today. We can’t go a day without logging onto Facebook or Twitter. This is why we finally convinced a friend of ours at Roswell Gutters to go ahead and get this all set up. It just helps! Recently, Facebook released their 1st quarter financials, which showed interesting data. There are over one billion users on Facebook and over 660 million daily Facebook users. If you take those numbers into reflection alone, you’re missing out on a lot of possible leads and traffic by avoiding social media.

In an old survey done in 2008, statistics displayed interesting data which must be considered by business owners.
– over 50% of American citizens use social media
– over 85% of those noted that businesses should have social media presence
– over 80% of those noted that businesses should interact with their customers via social media.

These findings should be more than plenty for business owners to think about using social media and not missing out on possible customers and sales.